The ducat was a gold coin that was used throughout Europe (Italy, Croatia..). It weighed 3.5 grams (0.1125 tr oz) of .986 pure gold, having a metal value of about 43.82 as of October 2005.

The ducat was introduced by the Republic of Venice in 1284 under the doge (duke) Giovanni Dandolo (1280-1289). The Venetian ducat featured the Doge kneeling before St. Mark on the obverse and Jesus on the reverse. Many different authorities, including dozens of German and Austrian states, produced ducats. The denomination was made until the early 20th century.

Multiples of the ducat were also produced.

Production of ducats as trade coins continued after the WWI. Even now some mints produce batches of ducats made after old patterns as bullion gold and banks sell these coins to private investors.

The term ducat (pronounced duh cut) is still used today as slang for a unit of currency.


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